Oxalis Triangularis - Royal Jungle
Oxalis Triangularis - Royal Jungle
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Oxalis Triangularis

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Please note that Oxalis are quite delicate for postage/transit, the leaves may be quite wilted when it arrives. We will do our best to pack them carefully! Purchase is at buyers risk if needs to be posted.

Oxalis Triangularis, commonly called 'Purple Shamrock' or 'False Shamrock' due to its triangular leaves of a deep striking, two tone purple. 

The Oxalis has stunning purple leaves, paired with contrasting light green stems. Perfect for adding a touch of colour to your home. It also produces beautiful flowers of a lighter purple colour that make this a truly unique plant.


100mm Pot Size, each pot contains 1 corm/bulb, some of them might contain more than 1 corm. 


Oxalis is an easy plant to take care for and good for beginner plant parents. Give it filtered bright to medium light and a moderate amount of water, allowing to dry out between waterings. And to thrive, it really likes to be fed so just add it into your regular fertiliser regime.


The leaves may be quite wilted when it arrives. Please don't be alarmed. Just put the pot in a saucer of water or Seasol or whatever you prefer for a couple of hours and it should re-hydrate. Worse case scenario, just cut the damaged leaves off at ground level and it will soon have new beautiful baby shoots! 

Please also note that they close their leaves at night, during extreme heat or stress. 


You'll get a healthy Oxalis Triangularis that meets our rigorous quality standards. Please note that no two plants are alike, and yours will have its own unique shape, size and personality; expect this natural variation from our photos. 

Our plants include a care plant card with information on how to water, care and more!